Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?”. This was a common theme in our minds this past week. First we took an impromptu trip to Kansas City MO to visit some good friends of ours Chris, Will and Hunter. They are the minds behind the sports fan App “Fannect”. Fannect Is an App that lets sporting fans participates in a competitive sporting social network. The App determines which team has the best fans overall and who is the #1 fan of your favorite team. During our visit the guys told us about the next update which will have a Twitter like feed so fans can connect with other fans from their favorite teams as well as keep up with what others are saying about their favorite team or rival. We enjoyed the visit and loved the enthusiasm these guys have; it’s contagious. We couldn’t stay long however, we needed to get back to continue with preparations for harvest.

You can check out Fannect on your smartphone by downloading the app or by going to their website to read more:

That brings us to the other situation where we ask “Are we there yet”? Has harvest finally arrived? Well, kind of. Harvest for many has started although not at the feverish pace we have been accustom to in the past. On average, soybean harvest in our area starts around the second week of September. This season we have to hunt for mature soybean fields to harvest the third week of September. The dryland or non-irrigated fields with early maturing varieties are maturing now and the combines are starting to roll in those fields. But the irrigated soybean fields especially with the later maturing varieties or late plantings still have plenty of green and yellow leaves on the plants which tell us harvest of those fields is a week or more away. There is still plenty to do however as actually getting out in the field is just the final step in a list of things to do to prepare for harvest. Stay tuned, next week promise to be busy.

Until next time!

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