Fields of Gold

Wheat harvest is finally here, we started cutting our first wheat field Saturday July 19th with help from Jeff Gray, product coordinator and combine guru for Claas of North America. Jeff helped us set all the settings on the combine perfect for a great harvest.

While harvest is going on in the wheat, irrigation is ramping up in the corn and soybean fields. Both corn and soybeans are at their most critical reproductive stages so our job is to reduce as many stress factors as possible. Keeping the plants watered with center pivot irrigation is one way we can directly manage water stress.

In our last blog post we shared with you our excitement about the transfer of data to and from the cab wirelessly. The significance of the hands free movement of data that we hope to benefit from is an increase in overall efficiency in taking raw data and turning it into actionable tasks and plans. There are two types of data being collected, machinery and agronomic data. Each piece of equipment, before wireless data transfer, had to have setup data for each field and each operation manually uploaded via thumb drive into the display in the cab. After a operation was completed it then manually had to be downloaded from the display in order to upload it into software where it is archived and analyzed. Taking the time to do the downloading and uploading of the log files into the office software is where the system gets bogged down. It’s like the old saying goes “out of sight out of mind”, where if it’s something we can’t physically see we tend to gravitate to those tasks of the day that present themselves to us. With the wireless transmission we eliminate this bottle neck by sending data directly or “seamlessly” to and from the cab from the office software or to a cloud based server through a private portal. The archive process is now, automated, effectively moving the focus from data collection to data analysis. And really, why collect it if you don’t do anything with it.

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