How We Handle Irrigation

Wireless Irrigation Management

Keeping the crop watered at critical stages in the growing season is a key factor in final yield. Countless hours can be spent driving from field to field checking the status of each pivot. Depending on the number of pivots and the miles in between, this action can be a full-time job.

Since 1997, we have relied on remote communication to monitor and program our irrigation systems. Instead of driving out to the different locations, we can accomplish setup, configuration and ongoing schedule management through the internet or on our cell phones. We can view one or all our systems at the same time and get real-time status of information such as location, rate & direction, water application and system pressure just to name a few. End guns can be programmed to turn off and on at specified geo-referenced locations, and the system texts or calls us to let us know when there is a problem.

The flexibility to view and manage multiple systems from wherever we are improves overall management. By freeing-up time, remote management allows us to accomplish the daily tasks of the farm without falling behind. Completing tasks on time and being better informed about changing conditions helps us to become better decision makers.

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