Planting Update

We finished planting corn Friday the 17th of May. The chances forecasted for rain on Wednesday never materialized which afforded us the opportunity to get the corn acres in before the weekend. The rain came Friday night into early Saturday day morning hours; we did not experience any severe weather with it. Our first fields planted were a little wet yet when we planted them and had some crusting of top soil and some sidewall smearing. The timing of this weekend’s rain was perfect to help alleviate the effects of these problems on the fields. Timely rains can cover up a lot of ailments. The first corn went in the ground last Monday the 13th of May, it emerged in six days, Saturday the 18th. It’s looking like it will be one to two collars (growth stage) at the most behind corn fields planted the week of April 28th. The majority of the other corn acres should be emerging by mid-week. All in all planting went well and emergence should be even with little seedbed issues to cause stress to seedlings. We will have to wait to see what, if any effect planting dates will have on final yield.

Check back later this week for the continuation of our “We Are Not Alone” blog. To see the first half of our two part entry, please scroll down to our May 7th, blog.

Until next time!

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