Red Light! Green Light!

Photo Credit: Paul Matadeen, CNN

Did you ever play the game Red Light, Green Light when you were growing up? Maybe that’s a school yard game long since gone but, from the name of the game, I think you get the jest of it; a lot of stopping and starting is involved. It’s a good analogy of this year’s harvest so far. Starting out, the 2013 harvest consisted of trying to find a field that was ready, harvesting it and then hunting around trying to find the next field that was ready to go, “Green Light”! Then when things started looking like harvest would begin in earnest the weather does what it didn’t do all season, rain… a lot!

Last week and over the weekend, parts of Nebraska received heavy amounts of rain fall in a short period of time. Overnight totals where up to 5 or more inches in some locations. That’s too much all at once anytime of the season. The storms spawned several tornadoes with an EF4 tornado, 1.25 miles wide, in Wayne and Dixon counties that caused significant damage to fields, homes and buildings. We received around a 1.70 in our immediate area so harvest came to a screeching halt “Red Light.”

At the beginning of this week the sun was back shining and strong winds dried the fields enough so that harvest around here started up again, Tuesday “Green Light.” Most guys are still on beans but we see a few moving to corn. Today’s forecast is calling for more sun and wind so combines will be rolling all over the countryside once again but by Thursday there is rain back in the forecast “Red Light.” All this fluctuation in the weather pattern can make a person need a “Bud Light” sometimes. I don’t remember that being a part of the game though.

Here’s to all getting a “Green Light”, cheers!

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