Software on Knuth Farms

In today’s agriculture you’re more likely to see a producer with an electronic device in their hand rather than a pitchfork. We still raise the same animals, and grow the same crops, but the way in which we do so has changed. Precision Ag is writing a new chapter in agriculture and it has a digital signature.

From the soil the seed is planted into, to the last kernel put into the bin, a database is tracking it.

Below is a sample of how Knuth Farms is using technology to keep up with the Precision Ag movement.



  • Preseason production planning analysis for purchasing decisions
  • Work Order creation listing job, people, product and machines involved in field action
  • Field records, chronicling a seasons activities by: Job, people, product, machines dates and time for each field, each action
  • Prescription maps, preplanned product application rates with GPS coordinates associating them to locations in a field
  • Analysis of spatial data characterizing variability of soil properties as it relates to agronomic importance
  • Managerial Accounting linking inputs and fixed costs to production centers for comparison against profit centers in performance reports

Tractor Cab


  • Field documentation
  • Automatic guidance and passive implement guidance systems
  • Rate control
  • Real time row unit seeding performance monitoring
  • Automatic section and planter unit control
  • Harvest documentation and real time yield monitoring



  • Irrigation monitoring with real time status updates and alerts, daily water usage reports
  • Weather conditions at field locations
  • Up to the minute elevator and processor quotes
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