Spring 2014

Welcome back to the second year of our Growing Season blog. We have been busy out in the fields already, putting a few seeds in the ground. We started April 20th planting corn but only were able to get half our acres in before rain chased us out of the field Sunday the 27th. That’s not all bad however as the temperatures dropped back down into the 40’s and 50’s the last few days so the combination of cold temps and wet soils could be a stress factor on the seeds already in the ground. So we are making use of the rain delay to regroup and gear up for the next round when things dry out a bit. In the mean time we made a video for you to show you what we and a few of our neighbors have been up to so far this spring.


Thank you for coming and viewing our blog post. We look forward to sharing another growing season with you. If there are areas or subjects that you would like to see us write about drop us an email and let us know.

Until next time!

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