Dressed For Success

Trying on our latest tractor purchase and outfitting for the season. The 2015 season will see us in one of only six Xerion tractors in the United States.

The Claas Xerion 5000 features:

– Six different steering modes – Standard, All-Wheel, Single-Sided Crab, Gentle Mode, Full Crab.
– Over 500 hp continuously variable transmission.
– 35 mph.
– High torque at low engine speeds, 1000 rpm PTO at an engine speed of 1730 rpm.
Tier 4 compliant.
Accessorizing the Xerion we have ...

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Planting Update

We finished planting corn Friday the 17th of May. The chances forecasted for rain on Wednesday never materialized which afforded us the opportunity to get the corn acres in before the weekend. The rain came Friday night into early Saturday day morning hours; we did not experience any severe weather with it. Our first fields planted were a little wet yet when we planted them and had some crusting of top soil and some sidewall smearing. The timing of this ...

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