Tracking Harvest 2013

To continue our conversation from our last blog post we will talk about Crop Tracker from Conservis Corporation. We decided to incorporate Crop Tracker last winter when we met with Conservis about implementing their Inputs tracking software. Conservis works well for us on a number of levels, the most fundamental being its ability to seamlessly integrate field operation data into our managerial accounting software. This harvest we used Conervis’s Crop Tracker to log both field operations and inventory with one software package. Each data set is used in our managerial accounting software for performance monitoring, sales and inventory tracking. Before Conservis, we developed our own spreadsheet to track harvest operations and inventory. We wrote our own because we didn’t have a software package that captured all the data we wanted in a single easy to use interface. This worked okay for capturing needed data but not so much for integrating the data. We had to key all the information into our accounting software. Crop Tracker now tracks all this and uploads to our accounting software too, saving us hours of double entry. This alone sold us on Conservis but that isn’t the end of the rainbow. All this is also in real-time if you wish. Crop Tracker is cloud based so using either a smartphone or tablet we tracked loads, locations, bins, equipment, and people as the loads were coming out of the field. For added efficiency we used the available Bluetooth connection from Conservis to connect to the scale on the grain cart so weights were one tap and done. It all worked very smooth and reports for yield, delivery to elevator and bin inventory where all at our fingertips… instantly. These are just a few of the features that make this software standout from anything we’ve used in the past. We could add another page or two about the benefits of Crop Tracker being in the cloud, and their excellent tech support service but we can’t give away all our secrets. Till next time here’s hoping you find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

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