Tracking the Weather

Real Time Monitoring Monitoring

So much of what can be accomplished on a farm in one day is dependent on weather. Variables such as wind speed and direction, rain, air and soil temperature can sometimes be the deciding factor of whether to head to the field or keep the equipment in the shed, whether to schedule an irrigation event or shut it down. Site-specific weather data in real-time is a powerful tool for staying on top of growing conditions in a field and planning a work schedule.

In 2009, we contacted Spectrum Technologies Inc. and asked them to help us set up a network of weather stations across our farms. A network of seven weather stations spanning a 40-mile radius began monitoring, recording and uploading real-time weather conditions for the 2009 growing season. Cellular connections at each site upload data collected to the Spectrum Weather website where we access our data from wherever we are via an Internet connection.

Since 2009 we have also been inputting the data collected into crop modeling software to track growth stages of plants to better optimize product applications, irrigation and disease monitoring of crops. Remote access to current conditions at our field locations improves decision making and logistics. As conditions change, we have the information we need to plan an adaptable work schedule.

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