Knock, Knock… Who’s there? Knuth… Knuth who? Knuth farms… we’re back - Knuth Farms
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Knock, Knock… Who’s there? Knuth… Knuth who? Knuth farms… we’re back

Hello again everyone.

It’s been awhile since we last reached out through our blog to tell our story and update you on the goings-on on the farm. It’s been four years since the last post. A lot has changed since then, so we have a lot of catching up to do. To get you up-to-speed, we have created a new Knuth Farms website.



The site looks and feels a lot different than our previous one and for a good reason. It reflects the changes taking place in agriculture and food production throughout the supply chain. From the choices of today’s consumer, the industry in transition and the effects it is having on the farm production model.

We hope, through the website,  to represent a microcosm of American Agriculture in the American midwest. Will we succeed? That is yet to be determined, but you never know until you try.




So we invite you to share in our journey by asking questions, suggesting topics of discussion and sharing why you choose to spend your time learning and discovering agriculture in these United States and the world.


A Special Thanks

We would also like to give a special shout-out to e-webstrategy‘s, the backbone of our new social media presence. With skillful minds and hands, they have helped us dust off the cobwebs, turn back the cover and reopen the pages of our story, an American farm family story.

Thanks, Pablo, thanks, Rodrigo! You guys ROCK!