Knuth Farms | Knuth Farms is a family farm that embraces technology while produces corn, wheat, beans and forage.
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Growing the best way for the right reasons


We are fourth generation farmers using modern farming equipment and Agricultural systems to produce the highest quality crops. People care about where there food comes from and that it is grown in a sustainable manner. At Knuth Farms we work hard to grow in a diversified regenerative way promoting healthy soils for a healthy planet.


Yielding Quality through Innovation


We leverage the power of new technology to impact our operation as it influences agronomic practices, efficiencies, and insights, as well as economic decisions, affecting our farm. The way we grow shapes our role in the supply chain to deliver quality crops through a transparent and sustainable process from farm to table.

Our Crops and Services

Ag Services

Grazing acres, straw, stover, alfalfa, and sudan.

Specialty Crops

Organic grains, forages, cover crops.

Commodity Crops

Corn, soybeans, wheat, and other commodities.

Want To Talk To Us About Grazing Your Animals On Our Land?


(402) 480-1296


Small square and round straw bales sold individually or in packs of 21.
Large square and round corn stover 1100 lb. – 1200 lb. bales.
Grazing covers and corn stalk residue to increase rate of gain.

Small Square Straw Bales

We sell, rent, deliver, and haul back