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There is a shift in modern agriculture to more sustainable and regenerative farming practices and producers like us are embracing the opportunity. The road towards regenerative farming is different for each farmer; it is a decision and journey that is unique and specific to each farm operation. At Knuth Farms, our attitude is open yet empirical in how we make changes to how we farm.

claas tractor monitors assisting a farmer

The Soil Matters

Consumer demand for verifiable, nutrient-dense, high-quality food is driving this change, but inevitably it begins with the soil. Soil health is the cornerstone of healthy food. Diversity through expanded rotations helps build soil health. Cover crops and grazing breaks pest and disease cycles and adds natural organic matter and fertilizers to the soil. These are all practices we use, but the steps to transition from conventional to regenerative farming take time.

crop metrics soil moisture probe

Empirically Sound

We want our steps, to improve and sustain quality crops, to be data-driven. We have integrated – capture, measurement, and analysis into our farm management systems and understanding how each impacts the other has empowered us to make good decisions on how we grow, more importantly, it has increased the consistency, quality, and scalability of our production. Learning how all things work together helps us move closer to the idea and use case of regenerative farming.

Our Partners


Water resource Management through CropMetrics

  • Environmental monitoring and logging.
  • Irrigation optimization based on mapped soil variability, soil moisture sensors, and crop growth stage.

Telematics through Farmobile

  • Real-time machine performance and fleet tracking.
  • Second by second geo-referenced machine and agronomic data collection.

Identity-preserved means systems in place that provides transparency all the way through the supply chain.

Farm Equipment from Claas

The right equipment gives us the tools we need to do a job in the most efficient manner possible.

Matching the equipment to the task improves ROI by:

  • Timely field applications.
  • Energy use optimization.
  • Labor optimization.
  • Fuel use efficiency.
  • Emissions reduction.
  • Product placement.
  • Product quantities control.

These factors coming together allow us to have a smaller environmental footprint while optimizing soil health and enhancing crop quality.

Analytics through CropZilla

  • Digital model of the farm for scenario planning of financial impact of equipment, inputs and crop rotation decisions.
  • Brings transparency and accountability hitting on the notion of transparency as a function of traceability.
  • A systems approach helps us develop a multi-year strategy containing planned steps geared toward incremental changes toward regenerative farming practices; A roadmap.

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Knuth Farms is an operation that fosters a collaborative effort to raise the bar on efficacy, quality, and yield all while we move towards regenerative farming goals improving soil health and optimizing nutrient density on every crop we grow. Growing for the right reasons means that we depend on partners to deliver well on the systems and equipment we depend on every day.  We are grateful for our partners that help us do what we do well.

Give us a call at (402) 480-1296. Learn more about Knuth Farms.